Virtual Tour of Oxford by Bike

Above is a 19 minute long virtual tour of Oxford by bike along the green route traced on the image below. The film footage is overlaid with an interactive GPS tracker to show where I am on the bike route and audio narration of all the sites we are passing. I recorded this tour on my very last day at Oxford, just as students were about to take their final exams and graduate. So as you watch, you might just see a few students wearing their formal academic gowns.

Graphic Map of Oxford with Green Line

Every week, I enjoy taking my little, red bike around Oxford, between its various medieval streets and back alleys. I cycle round each bend and curve on the rutted, medieval road. There’s a sense of spontaneity and unpredictability to Oxford’s ancient plan. I’d like to think the experience could be analogous to the academic experience of a student – of desiring to graduate yet not quite knowing what surprises the future has planned. A year ago, I could not have seen around the next bend of the academic road and to have anticipated I would be studying here.

More about this bike path and biking in Oxford can be found on my interactive map.


Pictured above: My red Apollo brand bike. The bike is a few years old and rusty on the wheels, but works perfectly fine otherwise. A few weeks ago, almost at the end of Trinity Term, my rear wheel was severely punctured and I had to fork over £28.00 to fix my flat.

Pictured Below: The Thames Bike Path is a beautiful and scenic little path that leads up the Thames to Stratford-upon-Avon and down the Thames as far away as London. I like to bike every week – sometimes twice or three times a week – on the section between Oxford city centre and three miles north to Port Meadow.

Thames Bike Path near the Oxford Train Station


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